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Nostalgia both

eats at the soul and

makes it survive,

memories being at best

sketchy but the

feeling of having been

somewhere important

lasts beyond lacunae into the

sense of the self in the

terrible torrent of time.


After so long in hotels working with

images and actors my

home dreams are full of

half-shot scenes,

half-digested books,

half-read newspapers:

Scorpions and Hawks; ships

sighing as they turn turtle and

vent air; a tear down a

dusty face; someone calling my

name; strange shapes against a

purpling sky; the

unmistakeable sensation of a

mouth on mine, its

tongue alive; the

desperate wave of my hand

seeking solidity; being lost and

wanting to be found.


You can hear it, the rain:

not the usual pattering but

each drop driven like a

nail, the sky a

dark hammer.


The tiny grey-brown feather—the

breast feather of a small

passerine bird, probably a

sparrow, of which many

roost in the neighbour roof—

seemed to float with no wind.


The fall of my foot

first brought it to my

attention, but now I was

unnaturally still, and still the

feather moved with no wind.


Perhaps it was my breath,

clenched though it was and

nearly six feet away, that

floated the feather?


I felt at once

powerful and

powerless, my soul


suddenly reduced to the

size and weight of a


feather with no wind.


I only know snatches of you, like

snatches of music: a

triplet of Bach and a

sideways glance; some

furious Zappa solo, a

sharp, cutting kiss; a

tangled Monk song, a

mishmash of bodies; the

sickle prickle of a

folk song, nails up the back; a

chord of Stravinsky

dying away in your

unknowable breath.

Shadow Pleasures

Shadow Pleasures

Some sort of

ghost of me still

finds pleasures in

the shadows.

Confusion between Dark and Light


There’s a confusion between

dark and light in Autumn,

sharp sunshine sometimes

warming my face, then a

sharper shower, laundry

drying in the breeze

suddenly scooped in,

something soothing on the

stove smelling

sweet and strange, my

hands hesitating to

draw the curtains while the

sky is still coloured-in and there

remains one last

glimmer of the day.

Wisps Of Taste

To the West wisps of cloud

reflect the langorous

vapours of a last cigarette, while

to the East the Moon rises

like the cream on an

Irish Coffee in which I can

taste, beneath the caffeine, the

smoke of peat, of

earth alight in the

wisps of whisky.


There are no notations on your life,

nothing to say allegro or andante, no

punctuation either, no

commas or colons and certainly no

full stops, so I can’t

play you or

read you but must

take you as you

say you are.


Perhaps you are the backing singer

harmonising his songs of

lost loves, your

soprano squeezing some

juice into his

grizzled heartbreak,

knowing you will

share his bed but

wondering about his heart.

Or perhaps you are cold and

naked on a dais,

perused and perplexed while

pen, pencil, oil or

watercolour try to

capture you who have never

wanted capture.

Or you are the anonymous

face on the tram or train or

bus, your vacant stare

stirring a man or

woman to sieve the

vast pot of words to find a

few to describe you.

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living and loving as a married submissive in my D/s marriage


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