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Unwilling to stop reading my

child self sequestered a

small torch and

cocooned myself in sheets

long after bedtime

sucking in words and

oddly aroused by the

confusing smells of a

boy growing in


Grumbling with Words

The silence of other

people’s bedtimes is when

poets emerge to

grumble with words,

argue with apostrophes,

combat commas and

fight vicious battles with

adjectives, and

sleep-sodden people

awake to a landscape of

shattered metaphors and

splintered syntax,

blink, and go and make




Since we are now akin to

statues in our immobility I

see you sunlit on some

terrace of Versailles, your

sweet face shaded from the

harsh sun by the bonnet of a

baby yet to be born and

already grown and gone.


I’d like to know which

part of my brain has

access to the over-stocked

juke-box hidden in another

fatty fold of my mind, that

prods me awake with

Bossa Nova or jazz or a

guitar riff, a vocal

half-forgotten or an

especially strange chord by

Beethoven, but which sometimes

trawls deep to find

long buried ear-worms

best forgotten but in

all this silence

wretchedly unearthed.


If I knew where it was I

might kill it.

Whether Weather

Fridayam's Blog


Summer creeps over Spring’s shoulder,

uncertain of her welcome—

whether the party next door will

crack her a beer or

curse her for the

weather she can’t control.

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Look Up

The birds are too blurred to

tell their kind, the

butterflies too quick to

recognise and I’m sad that

when I had eyes

capable of capturing all that

joyous motion I

failed to look up.

Peace and More

Peace and more peace is our

lot, parsing days into

predatory parts which

eat the time, with no

idea how we will eventually

excrete them.


The lent lilies are

all gone, their

vim sucked back into their

corms, their

little batteries.










The best food sometimes comes on

cracked or mismatched plates, sauce

seeping onto the table,

sheening it with

flavour and scent.


So the comet won’t shine: it

broke up in sudden

shards of gravity, that

intense essence of

everything that

pulls us together or

pulls us apart.


Fridayam's Blog

Most of us are porous,

emotions seeping slowly through to

leave us dry again, though

some come through storms

soaked but only

seeming solid.

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The Kiss

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The kiss, the wrestle of tongues,

seems uniquely human, the

need to explore that new person’s

mouth more intimate, more

intense than all those

further fumblings.

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I might think many things

about the photo I just took: how

dirty my windows are; how

messy the room is; how

shrill but evanescent the

sunset; how odd my daughter’s

squashed baby bonnet looks

atop a plaster bust…


But then I find myself lost in

reflections of reflections of


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