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Mirrors transgress, whatever we think,

and not just by reversal: behind our

bemused, transposed selves

unwritten poetry is read,

unmade movies watched,

done things undone,

unloved faces adored.

Late Night

Carefully you come under the covers, your

cold body seeking my warmth, your

nipples shrill against my back, your

pubis a little Brillo pad, your

breath a long sigh against my nape, your

hand snaking over my hip to

find mine.

Unsocial Media

I work long hours in

unsocial media, work with

fragments, know how they

knit together, revel in the

artisanship, present something like a

car that purrs off the

production line, meeting

targets, pleasing supervisors

oblivious to that

little bit of art hidden

behind the engine block.

September Sun

Caught in the prism of

cold mornings and

chill dusks,

September sun sparkles with

incipient ice,

breaks eventually into

all Autumn’s colours as

September sun sets

leaving me in the

livid light of my

living room.

Bach, English Suite 2, Prelude

That initial trip sends you on a

breakneck fall down some

endless staircase, part

carpeted, part bare wood,

passing rooms full of

gay people dancing at whom you

smile awkwardly as you

think you find your feet then

trip again, continuing your

tumultuous tumble,

banisters like glissandi,

long flights interrupted by

short landings, a spiral of

startled faces, a

collective gasp as somehow you

land on your feet,

take a moment to

collect your dignity,

open the door and



It’s my palette, you know—
night-wet streets, neon cycling
red, white, red, blood
black as cola—but rather spoilt by the
blue flashes of the rozzers,
sharper than usual, so I sigh,
slide off through the throng, the
thrill making my thong chafe.

It’s so easy setting strife in Soho,
just like Athens or Aulis,
Mycenae or Melos, but with
mobile phones, forever filming me as the
boys do the knife dance (my favourite),
the girls scream so charmingly and the
photographers find their frames
funnily empty where I should be.

I shimmy across Piccadilly Circus,
glancing at that grotesque statue:
Eros? His tedious brother, more like!
Unselfish Love? Boring Fuck. No,
Eros is elsewhere, down-river:
I can smell the burnt air from his
missiles and miss his
chubby insolence.

Haymarket is quiet, the theatres dark, but the
beacon on Parliament burns bright,
division bells are ringing in
pubs and restaurants: the
hunt is up and I can sense that
sweet slut dogging me,
drawn to the easy meat of
lonely men and lonely women.

Bells still, the beacon extinguished and a
pallet of Parliamentarians spews out: those
shivering about a spot of blood
are mine, whilst those
turgid or wet are welcome to my
coy friend winking at me from the
shadow of the gateway, already
speed-dialling the tabloids.

No time to trans-shape, but the
low-cut top and the ultra
short skirt will do—a bit
jail-bait, but when has that
ever been a problem?
It’s easier if they think the
body of a goddess has the
mind of a child.

I remember the Melians
arguing with dry throats; the
Trojan women wondering if their walls were
high enough for suicide; the
Athenians cooped in that quarry in
Syracuse, starving—it’s so
erotic hearing people beg when
beggings of no use.

At dawn, palate sated, we meet and
dance down deserted Westminster Bridge,
love and hate in that
eternal erotic clinch,
Eros pinching my bum as I
slap and laugh and twirl,
loving London so empty of
everything but possibilities.

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