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Rumours of Comets

The Moon heard the rumours as she stared at the

amusing blue-green bauble that

endlessly revolved in her sky, sending

puny gee-gaws that she barely felt, and the

thought of comets coming excited her

dry crust, still bearing the livid bruises of the

poundings she’d endured in her youth that made her

groan and tremble and ejaculate great

gouts of her soul, times she now missed, playing

seventh fiddle to that great manwhore Sun who

always got all the best action, but she’d been a

player once, a good-time, go-to girl so maybe if she

shone alluringly, she could prove

even as a mature woman that she could still

pull the cosmic best, get what she needed, that

orgasmically wet cosmic seed.



The Only Way is Ethics

Somewhere in your head there’s a

switch which makes you change from

darling to bitch, not just in that way

women catch men unawares sometimes, to

make them know they’re there, but

like a sudden slap after laughter, or a

squeeze of the balls after

good sex, or an ungenerous remark after

kindness, somehow insinuating a

sin in sincerity, spurning

decades of fidelity for a

cheap joke that, “Yeah,

the only way is ethics!”.

Sometimes One Needs the Dark

Shoo, beautiful Moon! I love you but

tonight I need to see stars and your

kindly light obscures their brilliance so

kindly go away and leave me to the

contemplation of the dark sprinkled

void of space..

White Noise

Each flake absorbs one

microdecibel of sound

squeezing the air silent

all the botheration

compressed by coldness into

white noise released

distortedly in the

sharp crunch of a

well-shod foot.



The spackle of snow on the hills reveals the

ribs and sinews beneath the green flesh, the

lines of life and heart, the

whorls and ridges of

Earth’s bare body

dusted like a fingerprint.

Early Music V

Bach, The English Suites, BMV806-8


Oh Anna Magdalena, how I loved you when

I was hunched over my keyboard, trying too

hard and you came behind me and

pressed your soft breasts against my

tight shoulders, your cool hand

reaching into my breeches, the

baby in your belly kicking my kidneys,

my music crying in my head as I

took you laughing on all fours, my

fingers playing triplets on your tits,

everything coming so gloriously alive

as though my semen was spraying

black notes on white paper.

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