Zodiacal Envoi/ Orion

The vast lasso the sun throws ropes twelve but

thirteen is the true number as

all roads lead to Orion who

chases and is chased—by the

scorpion, whose weapon was really a

sting-ray spear or the

arrow of Artemis or something that

shivered in the night; he chases

Seven Sisters, none of whom will feel his

frigid hands riffle through their

gaseous skirts; and he is

chased by—well, you

get the picture.


In some way they’re all chasing each other,

the stars, a round-robin of ridiculous malice

mingled with the ennui of

never catching up.


We have a ringside seat: the

bell rings nightly.

All we have to do is

crane our necks and look.




Needing to escape

needing to smoke I

crashed into the garden–

eyes blurred, flint catching–and

ran right into

immense Orion

caught in his cartwheel

across the sky.


He looked so mighty and forlorn,

pinned between buildings—the

stars of Spring

surprised in Winter,

bejewelled scabbard flapping on

frozen thigh, reminding me

how late it was.


Hunter looked on hunted: who

pitied whom? We

both were cold, essentially

alone, but behind me

was my house, warm and



Flint caught,

smoke rose,

keeping him


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  • lifethroughblueeyes  On September 30, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    This is fantastic! Particularly Orion…I love it.

  • 1emeraldcity  On October 1, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Oh, I like this Steve! I relate to the lonliness of you staring up at the immensity of Orion and feeling pity for something that will be here long after we are gone; and the cosiness of your home in the background. The oxymoronity of it all! Can that word be used here? Dunno..just love it, tho!

  • Tonya  On October 1, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    A perfect ending for your zodiac.. what did you call it? Oh yes, your zodiac cycle. I like the reminder of what is out there for our enjoyment if we’d only look up. There seems to be a debate amongst my friends with the majority of us believing that even though cold, lonely and the lateness.. you’d rather remain smoking, keeping Orion company than return to your warm, diquite house.

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