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Dark Pearls

The storms rolled down the valley like

dark pearls gathering

sun and sticky heat and

gumming them together into

fat envelopes for

posting elsewhere.

Valley Line

The double line of trees meandering

marks where the river runs until they

peter out, become slab-sided

silos for supermarkets, then

muddy creeks dotted with the

inevitable derelict boat with the

triple bridge somewhere in the mist, its

gantries jutting through like battlements where

Romans finally forded and

got to grips with fierce-fighting

blue-faced local men who

falling back opened the way to a

non-existent London.

“Street Woman”

(Ornette Coleman, Soprano Saxophone

Don Cherry, Pocket Trumpet

Charlie Haden, Bass

Billy Higgins, Drums).




Ornate intro, kicked by

Billy’s drums into

Ornette switching

N’Orleans, Chicago, New York

tracked by Charlie’s

splay-toed bass, let loose into his

solo of such intense simplicity,

intense demand intensified by

Don’s pocket trumpet into an

ornate extro, Billy

kicking it to the end,

Ornette singing, less than

five minutes of

total jazz.





Dinosaur Dominion

The crook-winged gull in flight became

Quetzalcoatlus, while around me the

chalk downs effervesced and dissolved into

tiny creatures again swimming in

equatorial seas and

everywhere I looked I saw—

in the booted strut of the jackdaw, the

raptor sprint of blackbird, the

snap of beak round insect in flight, the

three-toed foot, the eggs, the

hunter’s beady eye—that the

dinosaur’s dominion,

400 million years old, lived on

in my garden.

Appeal of Bells

Kent treble-bob majors

ebb and flow on the breeze

telling me there are churches still

with enough people in them to

chase the bells through

complex changes

with the patience to

grasp, pull, release for hours when

one missed pull sets the

peal awry and an empty rope makes some

bobs impossible and if all the

ropes are empty and the

bells fall silent then

something very English will

vanish from the air.




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